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Unwilling to sacrifice quality for quantity?

You shouldn’t have to.

When you partner with Key Staffing, the people you need are just a phone call away. You’ll have access to a pipeline of screened and ready-to-work individuals with the skills, experience and work ethic you need to accomplish your goals.
Our experts bring years of insider knowledge to the table and can solve and even anticipate your toughest business challenges.

Key Staffing can help your company:

  • Improve workforce quality
  • Prevent production bottlenecks
  • Increase productivity and profitability 

Choose from these staffing services:

Keep up with variable demand, staff up for tight deadlines, fill in for vacations and absences. We quickly respond to your needs with screened and vetted workers to keep your company productive and profitable.

Reduce hiring risk by trying out a Key Staffing employee on the job before adding them to your full-time job. It’s a great way to assess their skills and fit with your organization.

When you have a critical role to fill, Key Staffing’s thorough screening process delivers exceptional results. We streamline your talent search, speed time to hire and keep hiring costs under control.

Reduce the risk and cost of staffing. Place the temporary employees of your choice on our payroll. We take care of paychecks, direct deposit, payroll taxes, unemployment and workers compensation insurance.

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